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South Dakota Snow Geese Photos

Flocks of snow geese were constantly moving around in an effort to find food and to push the snow line to the north.

Even though the Conservation Order has been in effect for some time, the snow goose population continues to grow and thrive. Adult snow geese live a long time, as much as 30 years,  and have a remarkable memory. Working adult geese is always tricky.

Part of the thrill of hunting spring geese is being able to watch the migration. It is a humbling experience to visually see nature at work on such a grand scale. We saw several kinds of geese and nine species of ducks.

The crew from Barrels Up internet shopping service kneel with their morning's harvest. (

Rotaries added movement that attracted shy birds.

Just a "small" flock of birds working a distant field.

It takes a lot of decoys and well hidden blinds to bring birds in close.

Brian Corrigan was enjoying his first snow goose hunt.

Brian Cahalan from Goose and Duck Smackers Guide Service.

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